clearFusionCMS 2014 - The Present & Future

clearFusionCMS 2014 - The Present & Future

31 Dec 2014

2014 has been a year of testing for clearFusionCMS, our content management system. Projects we've been working on this year have included a variety of requirements of our software. clearFusionCMS performed well at answering the challenge. From customized add-ons to integrated add-ons, the modular capacity of clearFusionCMS enabled us to be able to answer the call to each client requirement.

While some updates have alrady been implemented, others are due for release real soon!

In 2014 the following updates were included:

  • Tabbed interfaces within the manager
  • Full height sidebar making navigation easier and quicker
  • Better content locking now with notification if another user steals the lock from you
  • Ability to search for users by role
  • A new checkbox custom filed for use within documents
  • Changes to the site search that brings massive speed improvements with large data sets
  • Various other improvements and fixes for all known bugs

Coming in next release the following bugs will be fixed:

  • When uploading via the editor the upload page requires up/down scroll
  • The green 'saved' bar vanishes too quick
  • Tree view not correctly reflecting states of documents e.g. unpublished
  • On File Upload, you have to scroll right to the bottom to be able to scroll left/right in the file selection
  • Modules panel should show the latest version and the eligible version

Coming in next release the following improvements will be implemented:

  • Improve access to breadcrumb when scrolled down the page
  • Allow the max cache age of documents to be set
  • Use code editor for textarea fields
  • Upgrade WYSIWYG editor to the latest version
  • Upgrade to latest code editor
  • Add support for templates within the template folder
  • Add LESS preprocessor
  • Display the database name under the system settings page
  • Auto slug generation should happen as you type in the title & not on blur
  • Allow editing of publish date
  • Add redis cache driver
  • Convert all to fusionCSS 2
  • Allow navigator to output resource file sizes
  • Output the page summary with related documents
  • When adding a static resource remember the last type used
  • Rename all manager chunks to be prefixed with manager
  • Ability to support Bootstrap 3, Foundation 5 or fusionCSS 2
  • New editor
  • Uploadable templates using one of the 3 frameworks
  • Microdata to improve data feed to search engines
  • New navigation side menu in manager to make it easier to move around

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