clearFusionCMS Features


  • A simple intuitive design reduces learning time and allows you to work quickly.
  • Rich WYSIWYG text editing.
  • Private file storage, only users specific permissions can read the files.
  • Image and file uploading.
  • Image resizing.
  • Per page meta keywords and descriptions.
  • Choose extensions per page e.g. example.html, example.php or example/
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs.
  • Support for Google Web Fonts.
  • Support for point and click page linking.
  • Support for drafts.

Template Engine

  • Supports a limitless number of templates.
  • Design templates the way you want then just add simple tags where you want content.
  • Add custom fields to templates.
  • Support for multiple themes i.e. a different theme for each season.
  • Themes only require changes be defined not the whole site design.
  • Move common HTML to chunks are reuse it over and over.
  • No requirement for designers to learn scripting.

Custom Fields

  • Define custom fields per template.
  • Group fields within the administrative interface.
  • Custom fields appear as part of the normal content editing process.

Centralized Authentication

Now you can have have multiple installations and manage your users and their roles from one central location, there's now no need to login to each website just to update a user.


  • Flexible search engine.
  • Control the content fields indexed by the search engine.
  • Limit searches to portions of the site.
  • Search all content in all modules seamlessly.
  • Build tag clouds.
  • Cross reference other content that has a specific tag.
  • Obeys access permissions of content e.g. members only pages.

Users & Membership

  • Role based permission system.
  • Create roles and set their permissions
  • Assign users roles.
  • Support members only areas of the site.
  • Registration form with email verification.
  • Login form.
  • Member profile management.
  • Manage users from administrative interface.
  • Users can force logout of other computers they may be logged in on from anywhere.
  • User profile can be extended by modules.


  • Create forms with a simple descriptive language.
  • Choose where form contents are emailed to.
  • Create a limitless number of forms.
  • Accept file uploads from vistors and recieve them as email attachments.
  • Automatic client (AJAX) and server side validation of form data.

Multi-Site Support

  • Support for multiple sites on a single installation.
  • Multiple aliases for each site.
  • Automatic 301 redirects of aliases to actual site.


  • Full and partial template caching.
  • Query caching.
  • Supports memcached for optimal performance of large sites.
  • Supports file based caching for general use.

Background Tasks

  • Create tasks that run in the background.
  • Use data from background tasks in snippets.
  • Keep the site responsive to visitors.

News (Add-on)

  • Post news to be published at some time in the future.
  • Fully integrated with site search module.
  • Publish RSS feeds of the latest news.
  • Divide news into categories.
  • Seamlessly integrate news into the site.

Gallery (Add-on)

  • Create albums of photos.
  • Place albums anywhere within your site.
  • Automatic generation of thumbnails in 4 different sizes.
  • Automatic generation of album overview.
  • Fully searchable.


  • Modular you only need to install the modules you need.
  • Extend functionality via new modules.
  • Extend functionality via snippets.
  • Modules can tap into the event system.
  • Light weight and fast.
  • Built on fusionLib.

White Label

The administration interface allows designers to create a custom skin and brand clearFusionCMS as their own.

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