clearFusionSHOP Features

Multiple Currencies

Take payment in multiple currencies and either change in the selected currency or convert it to your local currency at your set rate.

Multiple Shipping Methods

Define multiple shipping methods based on the cart contents and the delivery location.

Limit delivery of some items to within country locations only.

Email Marketing

Offer shoppers the chance to subscribe to your Campaing Monitor or MailChimp based newsletter as they checkout.

Stock Levels

If clearFusionSHOP is configured to track stock levels then easily view items below a chosen threshold from your sites management interface.

Additional Product Fields

Add additional product fields to your product descriptions, not all online stores have the same set of requirements.


Designed from the ground up to seemlessly integrate with clearFusionCMS, so not only do you have a solid eCommerce platform you have a full Content Management System.

Products are fully integrated with the site search functionality.

Tax Rules

Defined tax rules such as not charging local tax on exports.

Cross Selling

Show the shopper a selection of products related to the one they are looking at or just placed into their shopping cart.

Image Auto-resize

Product images are automatically resized as they are used within the website.

Product Gallery

Easily upload multiple images per product to display a gallery of images for the product.

Product Variations

Create product variations such as color and size.

Search Engine Friendly

Built from the ground up to be search engine friendly and allow your marketing team the control they need to optimize and sell your site.


Offer discount vouchers that either have a face value or offer a percentage discount on the order.

Role Based Security

Choose which functions each of your staff members can perform, using the easy to use role based access control system you can limit staff members to just the functionality they need to perform their job.

Multiple Payment Gateways

  • Offline
  • eWay
  • PayPoint
  • Pin Payments
  • Authorize.Net
  • ePDQ
  • Klik & Pay

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Streamlined Checkout

A checkout process that guides your shoppers through the purchase.

Guest or Registered Checkout

Choose to allow guest checkouts or force user registration, the choice is yours.

Order History

As the store owner keep shoppers up to date on the status of their order through the manager interface.

Shoppers can query an order status automatically through the website saving you time answering queries.

Shipping Calculator

Allow your shoppers to estimate the shipping costs of thier order before they start the checkout process.

New Order Notification

Get notification of new orders in your inbox.

Gift Wrapping

Add the perfect finishing touch to your clients gifts with your range of wrap, bags and accessories. Ideal for adding a personal and stylish flourish to any home-wrapped present.

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