clearFusionCMS Features

Region Information

Support for per region information e.g. local ammenities.


Designed from the ground up to seamlessly integrate with clearFusionCMS, so not only do you have a solid Property Search / Real Estate platform, you have a full Content Management System.

Properties are fully integrated with the site search functionality.

Image Auto-resize

Property images are automatically resized as they are used within the website.

Property Gallery

Easily upload multiple images per product to display a gallery of images for the product.

Search Engine Friendly

Built from the ground up to be search engine friendly and allow your marketing team the control they need to optimise and sell your site.

Role Based Security

Choose which functions each of your staff members can perform, using the easy to use role based access control system you can limit staff members to just the functionality they need to perform their job.

Custom Features

Define the property features you need and assign them to properties with a few clicks.

Property Types

Define your own property types e.g. Town House or Flat.

Google Maps

Enter the properties address and a pin will be dropped onto a Google map, drag the pin to fine tune the location information. 

Buy or Rent

Support for both property sales and rentals, with prices displayed appropriately.

Mark Sold

Mark properties and sold or rented while leaving the visible on the site.

Social Media

Set per property social media sharing titles and description.

Custom Fields

Support for additional fields per property.

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