• Latest Version: 1.1.0
  • Requires clearFusionCMS Version: 1.3.0+
  • Requires a free or paid HipChat account

HipChat Notifications

With this module clearFusionCMS can send notifications to a room allowing you and your staff can see events as they happen.

When a potential customer sends a contact message through your website clearFusionCMS can post the message within the room and optionally notify responsible staff members, those members can then coordinate who will respond to the message.

If you are using the online store module then you can have new order notifications delivered to your HipChat room along with out of stock notifications. Using the features of HipChat you can even have an SMS sent to the staff members responsible for maintaining stock.

The HipChat module can also act as a logger so that operations on your site can be monitored e.g. when a document is updated a message is logged detailing who updated the document and which document it was.

hipchat-1.1.0.zip 1.1.0
hipchat-1.0.0.zip 1.0.0

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